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AGE: 27
CONTACT: [ profile] cuddlebug, pellameno @ AIM/gchat


NAME: Connor Angel
CANON: Angel the Series
AGE: Estimated ~17 at canon point, can be aged with no impact since he grew up in a hell dimension where time passes differently and they’re guessing based on his appearance when he first returned. He has canonically been sexually active and can give informed consent.
CANON POINT: season 4, episode 11, Soulless; Connor has admitted that Angelus (the demon) is his father and they have just discovered that Angel’s soul is missing. The Beast blotted out the sun as an apparent jump-start to an apocalypse, it’s a living hell in LA, it’s a day ending in Y in the Angelverse.

BACKGROUND: his wikia is extremely comprehensive!

INCENTIVE/FIT: Connor comes from a canon point where he’s exceptionally starved for affection, feeling like no one wants him. He wouldn’t want to come to Eudio, but if given the incentive of destroying the Beast (thereby ending this apocalypse attempt) he’d be more than willing to leave his shitty world where no one wants anything to do with him. For awhile, anyway. He’ll be sullen about it and not outwardly friendly at first until he finds people that are kind to him, and then will turn into the biggest cuddler ever. That’s basically how things go with Connor.

SAMPLES: 1. Eudio test drive top level (three threads)

ANYTHING ELSE? Although medical tests prove Connor biologically human, he’s part demon and possesses the abilities of a Buffyverse vampire -- speed, strength, hearing and sight and smell, reflexes, accelerated healing, and needing very little rest.


Oct. 19th, 2014 04:44 pm
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I'm guessing we don't have telemarketers here, go ahead and leave a message.

[there's a brief pause and then:]

...but if for some reason you are trying to sell something please know that I seriously question your priorities.

Okay, bye.
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Jun. 24th, 2013 09:33 am
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Log post for post-mission fallout/discussions!

Tag away, I'll pick at it.
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Who: connor and sophie
What: making excellent decisions
When: post nightmare adventures
Where: baldr 103
Rating: R
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Player Name: Ana/Pelly

Contact: gmail/gchat @ pellameno OR leave a message on this post

Availability: I'm on EST! Weeknights, after about 8pm and/or early mornings. Weekends, usually on and off throughout the day. It varies depending on work!

Character: Connor Angel/Reilly

House/Power: Hel, shadow control

Powers OK: You can use any powers on Connor, I'm easy. Characters with Telepathy please see the note for psychics, though.

Violence/Physical Contact: Absolutely anything, besides killing him or permanently maiming him (loss of limbs, etc).

Carryover Skills:
- extensive knowledge of hand to hand combat (even though he's lost his superhuman abilities here)
- extensive knowledge of weaponry. knowledge of demon species, his world's myths and legends, some understanding of his world's magic
- trap-setting and tracking
- apparently he also taught himself how to make and rig crude bombs

Character's Appearance: medium brown hair, bright blue eyes, about 5'10" and slim with lean muscle. His standard expressions are broody, derpy, joking, and this one terrifying smirk that gives you the distinct impression that you are about to be fucked up. He has very simple, functional taste in clothing.

Quirks: He likes to be up very very high. Perching on window ledges, hanging out on rooftops, etc. He is also the world's lightest sleeper. One unexpected/unfamiliar sound and he's up, ready for action. He has no particular sense of modesty, he'll strip off clothes without caring and patch people up without paying any attention to their relative nudity -- and doesn't really give a hoot about physical appearance. This also applies to inhumans. Oh, Connor.

Notes for Those with Psychic Powers (Loki, Telepathy): Connor's head is a hilarious place. It's very very cluttered up, for one thing -- he has the memories of two entire lifetimes that he hasn't had very long to sort through at the point he was apped. One is a (fabricated) normal childhood in a California suburb. A mom, a dad, a younger sister. Girls and little league and struggling with calculus. The other is… terrifying. Honestly terrifying, for pretty much anyone. He lived in a hell dimension for most of the other (real) lifetime, doing nothing but fighting for his life, learning to track and hunt and kill. When he arrived in our dimension, it didn't stop -- severe emotional abuse, manipulation, demons, apocalyptic battles, getting the shit kicked out of him regularly, being betrayed by everyone he loved, etc. He remembers it all, including trying to kill his father and later on himself. There are lingering daddy issues, and Connor is still figuring out how to balance the two lives, so he's probably thinking about horrible things a lot. On the outside he's pretty casual and friendly most of the time, though. And it's genuine. He's trying to trust himself to be his own person and strives to make the most of the present. 'Cuz you never know when the next apocalypse will hit. I'm sure he's very confusing.



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